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Switch the Basics Product Bundle



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The 5 basic products that you'll likely use daily, that will now support something personal to you. 

We've selected the size and quantity of the products to last the average family (2 adults and 1-2 kids) around 1 month. 

Each pack contains the following:

2x Hand Washes (425ml)

2x Soap Bars (80 gram bar)

1x Laundry Liquid (28 Washes)

1x Dishwasher Tablets (30 tablets)

1x Toothpaste 

We'd suggest subscribing to this package on a monthly cycle, so you'll never find yourself in that awkward situation where you can't clean your clothes or last nights dishes!

Product fragrance is selected at random based on current stock levels unless you have selected the Ultra Sensitive bundle. 

If you need some other products, no worries, just add them to your order as either a one-off which you can re-purchase later when needed or feel free to add them to a recurring order, which makes life easier for not only you, but us too!



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