You buy it anyway, we've just made it count.

By buying your essential everyday items here instead of at the supermarket, you'll be giving back on auto-pilot to a good cause personal to you.

Giving Made Easy

It's so incredibly simple, but it makes such a huge difference. We simply provide the opportunity for people just like you to redirect where a huge chunk (currently 50%) of the profits go from your essential everyday purchases. Stuff that we all use, like toothpaste and soap, that you would normally buy from the supermarket can now make a huge difference to a good cause that's personal to you. 

That's right - YOU get to choose where the profits go! Neat, huh?

So think of a School, Club, Charity or another amazing good cause and then switch your spend
to support them with the money you spend anyway. 


People Switching




Causes Supported

It's simple. That's why it works.

1. Shop online.

Select and buy your stuff just like any other online store.

2. Select your good cause.

Tell us who to send the profits from your purchase to when you checkout, and we'll sort the rest.

3. Give back on auto-pilot.

Each time you place an order, you'll be giving to your selected good cause. Neat, huh?

Switch Your Spend - Make it Count

We have a pretty big goal!

As our first major milestone, we want to give away $1 Million to your good causes! It might sound like a huge task, but with your help, we know it will happen. All it's going to take is just under 14,000 people switching just the 5 basic everyday products they use per month. 


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