Help a family in need by sending them a box of essentials.

Whether it's a $20 box a few times a year or a $50 box monthly, everytime you 

Pay it Forward, we'll send your box to someone who needs it. Neat, huh?

Pay it Forward

Put simply - Pay it Forward is a way for you guys to further your impact, on top of already switching your spend. 

After all, this business is all about giving back. So we've decided to help you guys give back even more by offering you the opportunity to pay it forward to someone in need by purchasing a box of essentials. Every time you buy one of these boxes, we'll send it to a family who needs it. Neat, huh?!

Thanks to your generosity, another Kiwi family doesn't have to go without basic essentials. We'd call that a win!

Simply select the box you'd like to give below, and how often you'd like to give it, and we'll sort the rest!

Who gets the boxes?

Wondering how we select families in need? We work alongside various community groups to identify families who need an extra helping hand and then we make it happen, all thanks to you!

Nominate a family in need!

If you know a family that would appreciate a box of essentials, tell us who they are below and we'll make sure they get one. 

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Thanks for nominating a family in need! If you can afford to help by buying a box for us to send to a family, then we'd really apprecaite the support! Otherwise, feel free to switch your spend - you spend the money anyway, so why not make it count?


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