Prostate Cancer Foundation

A diagnosis of prostate cancer is a very distressing experience for men and their families. And often in those times men turn to the Prostate Cancer Foundation for advice and support.

This may be through visiting their website and the Online Support Forum, calling the 0800 Helpline or attending one of the 35+ volunteer-led support groups around New Zealand.
Providing support is one of the main services provided by the Foundation but their work goes beyond this.

Making men aware of prostate cancer, and the need to get checked is also a high priority, especially through the annual Blue September campaign. Many people, groups and businesses get involved holding Blue Dos and other activities to spread the message.
Prostate cancer is the number one cancer diagnosed in Kiwi men and over 600 men die from this each year!

That’s what the Prostate Cancer Foundation wants to change – and much of it comes down to early detection and men being aware of the need for regular checks.
Funding research and advocacy for better treatments is also an important part of the Foundation’s work – all important components in making prostate cancer a treatable disease, not a terminal condition.

The Prostate Cancer Foundation doesn’t receive any form of government funding, which is why it’s so important that they get what they need to keep up the great work.

With your help, we can fund what this amazing cause does, without them having to ask anyone for a cent, so they can focus on doing what they do, instead of trying to raise the funds needed to do it.
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