New Cause - UH Autism Group

Autism is diagnosed in 1 in 100 New Zealanders. 

After a diagnosis, parents and carers often feel isolated, judged and frustrated. 

And that’s where this amazing cause comes in 👇

Upper Hutt Autism Group, founded in June 2018, helps create social opportunities and activities for the families and individuals with Autism in Upper Hutt, and its surrounding towns. They use their combined knowledge and experiences as carers or individuals within the Autism community to help each other out. Being part of this group reminds them that they aren’t alone and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

“It’s all about support, understanding, inclusion and smiling. It’s about giving our kids a chance to be kids, make friends and have fun without being judged. It’s about parents being able to share our challenges and successes without judgement. And it’s about getting our laughter back.” 

- Judi Huxedurp, Founder.

So what does this amazing cause need funding for? 

Well, they run monthly support meetings, social activities, and holiday events for the families who they support. They produce information cards for their families to hand out to ‘stop the looks’ that they get in supermarkets, parks, malls, on buses, trains, and all things public 😞 

And, they spend a decent amount of unpaid time organising all of the above, as well as running a Facebook page and private support group to go the extra mile for the families who benefit from this awesome cause. 

We believe that groups like these are not only essential for the support they provide, but the people running them deserve to be recognised and paid for what they do, too. 

That’s where Switch Your Spend comes in...

With your help, we can fund groups like this who make a huge difference to our communities!

All you have to do is shop in the right place, and make it count. 

Select UH Autism Group as your good cause when you checkout.

You’ll be helping a bunch of people who all deserve medals for doing what they do 🏅


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